Business communication is the foundation of our presence in today’s communication via email, social media and in the world of trying to find and maintain business opportunities in general, regardless of our area of expertise.

Today, we would like to point out a few tiny errors we often see in the Croatian language when it comes to everyday formal written communication.


– a comma is not necessary if the closing salutation is followed by a signature in the next line:

Srdačan pozdrav

Peter Stewart

– when the closing salutation and the signature are in the same line, a comma is written after the closing salutation:

Srdačan pozdrav, Peter Stewart.

Capital letters:

– it is not necessary to begin with a capital letter the first word of the line after the opening salutation or addressing the recipient in the vocative case when followed by a comma:

Poštovani gospodine,

na Vaš upit odgovaramo…