Proofreading is the process of checking the text after the translation, with special attention given to checking the terminology and the accuracy of the content (first proofread). Equally, checks are made based on the rules of orthography, syntax and grammar in the standard language, as well as ensuring the language used is in accordance with the text style (second proofread). The first proofread is by a highly qualified translator with extensive experience within the specific field while the second proofread is performed by a native speaker or proofreader. This eliminates any possible error that might affect the quality of the final version. Therefore, proofreading is a complete screening of all parts of the language used ensuring the content of the final version of the translation equals the original.

We use the following tools in the process of proofreading: Spell Checker App (program checking the orthography), QA Destiller (program used to compare words with the standard lexicon, check the unnecessary spaces and the use of punctuation marks) and certain CAT tools (used to check the consistency in the terminology).